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We are so proud of Holly for organising this fantastic Superhero Family Fun Run in aid of . Well done Holly, it was a great day 😊


Our Year 9's have been building characterization skills, expression and gesture in Drama today


9R have been juxtaposing an extract from The Great Gatsby and The Grapes of Wrath, exploring how life changed for people as a result of The Great Depression


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We are excited about our event being held on Tuesday 8th October from 6-8pm! If you're interested in training as an early years, primary or secondary teacher, we would love to meet you! Please RT & sign up @


Wonderful walking around school today and seeing our Year 8 students getting stuck into lessons 🎨


Keen to look around our fantastic new school? We have some year 5/6 open events coming up very soon. Click here to find out more>>>


Looking forward to welcoming back our Year 8 and 9's tomorrow as we embark on our third year!


Students enjoying their first lunch break


Great to see lots of happy faces at lunchtime today 😀 🥪


Year 7's have been enjoying their first morning getting to know each other and their new timetables in coaching time 🙌


We are really looking forward to meeting our new Year 7's tomorrow. Please ensure to arrive at the Main Reception between 8.15-8.25am for our first assembly of the year🙂


We are absolutely delighted to have won this award! Thank you Miss Costar for making this happen 🎉


Fantastic Celebration Assembly this morning🙌Congratulations to all the students who were nominated this year - a great achievement, well done. Enjoy the Summer holiday and we look forward to welcoming you all back in September for our third year!


Congratulations to the Malala Faculty for winning not only the Sports Day shield but also the Inter-Faculty Challenges Cup this year!


A fantastic afternoon at the Sports Day 2019 🏆 Well done and thank you to all the students that took part, to all those cheering them on, to for helping us run the day and to our wonderful PE department for making it all happen 🙌


Year 8's have been investigating, designing and building marble mazes this week in Science


What is a chemical reaction? Our Year 8's have been experimenting in Chemistry this week


enjoyed the and in London on Friday. They learnt about gender equality, queer history, intersex rights, wrote poetry and learnt how to make a positive change via social media


It's 🎉 Congratulations to our winners this week for embodying our 'Confidence'


Wow! Our STEAMettes club have been exploring painting using forces and marbling techniques to create some amazing planets for our Physics lab 🌎

Our News

4 July 2017: Miss Hannah Wilson has been appointed as the Headteacher of Aureus School. If you follow education on social media, Hannah is @Miss_Wilsey on Twitter and is also a co-founder of #WomenEd, which focuses upon connecting existing and aspiring women leaders in education.

The slides used in the 22 June Information Event are available for viewing here.

Find out more about the Great Western Park development here.

GLF chief executive officer Jon Chaloner has over 20 years of experience as a teacher, and said being asked to provide that service for a new settlement like Great Western Park was a major responsibility – and also a huge opportunity. “The establishment of a new community like this is an exciting time for the people who are going to live there, and also for us as education providers,” he explained. “Schools play such an integral part in building the community around them and binding people together, so local residents have to be sure that they’re entrusting that role to someone who is capable of fulfilling it. That’s why Aureus is a huge opportunity for us – and it’s why we’re so keen to meet and talk to potential parents, so we can find out what it is that they’re looking for in an education provider, and also so that they can see the kind of success we’ve had elsewhere.”

Aureus is planned to open in September 2017, with parents able to apply for places during the 2016-17 academic year. It is being built to accommodate an initial eight forms of entry in year groups seven to 11, with 240 pupils in each year, up to a maximum capacity of 1200. As the population of Great Western Park increases, the school’s intake will also be in a position to grow, and Mr Chaloner said GLF was excited about the prospect of being in on such a major project from the outset. “In just two years, our group has gone from two schools to 12, with several more to come, so we already have a strong track record of going into new areas and communities, listening and being sensitive to their specific needs and concerns, and creating new learning environments to meet those requirements,” he explained.

“Every new school is as exciting an opportunity for us as it is for the children attending it, and their families,” he continued. “We would urge anyone who’s interested in the school to come along, so we can hear their views on what’s needed and what they’re looking for in a new school, and they can also see how we’ve gone about doing things in our previous schools and communities.”