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In Year 9 Art, students have been mastering their drawing skills and experimenting with different materials whilst looking at architectural features


This morning 8I have been looking at minimal word improvisations and exploring a character's motivation in performance


Year 7 have been practicing their rugby skills this morning in the fresh air


Our first Open Morning today 9-10am for our prospective families! If you haven't managed to register for this one, we have some more dates available. We'd love you to join us!


INSET day today – ‘Brag and tag’ staff shared how they ‘stretch and challenge’ our students. Well done to Mrs Kakkad for collecting the most brag tags!


A fantastic new opportunity to join our wonderful as Deputy Headteacher. Find out more and Apply -


It's full ahead in the lab at our . Families are getting stuck in to neutralisation and chromatography


Inspired by the artist Victor Nunes, some creative designs in Art at our


Our amazing choir has been performing our Aureus School Makaton throughout the


A few fierce games of scrabble played in English this evening


Our amazing Inclusion team have been welcoming our prospective families at our wonderful


Some mathematical games being played in Maths


Great fun being had by families in the Sports hall, table tennis and badminton are a hit 🏸🏓


Our Dance studio has captured quite an audience this at our with constant routines in progress


Thank you to all our students for helping us to celebrate today!


We are really looking forward to meeting prospective families at our Open Evening tonight. Headteacher talks will take place at 5, 6 and 7pm and there will be an opportunity to have a tour of our wonderful school. Would you like to join us? Register here:


A reminder that students will be finishing at 1.45pm tomorrow for our Open Evening and Friday is our INSET Day.


Fantastic to see so many students engaging in activities. Today's focus was race and students have made hand prints in the colour of their skin that will be displayed on our hummingbird ❤


There is still time to apply! Find out more about these exciting vacancies to join our wonderful team:


In Geography today, our Year 9's have been building a 3D model of a coastline. Some inspiring designs and great . Looking forward to sharing the finished designs later...#geography

More Able

Our inclusive ethos enables all children to be challenged in every lesson in every subject. We believe that challenge and support just as important for more able as for weaker learners. We build on prior attainment and develop mastery in order to build confidence and depth of understanding in high prior attaining students. Within this, we also recognise the need to develop and support high attainers with SEND.

How do we identify Most Able students?
At Aureus, the Most Able and Exceptionally Able students are identified using a three part process:

  1. Analysis of KS2 entry data - if a student has attained a high scaled score in either English and Mathematics or in both Literacy and Mathematics, they are identified as Most Able/High Prior Attainment;
  2. Ongoing attainment/teacher assessment - if students continue to meet and exceed attainment levels appropriate to their age;
  3. Ongoing assessment in subjects outside of the core subjects may lead to Most Able status in a particular subject.

We support the Most Able in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, the following:

In class differentiation
Our quality first teaching pledge applies to students of all abilities. It is an expectation that we will aim high with the content of our curriculum and ensure it is accessible and challenging for all. Lessons will include:    

  • Rich questioning
  • Higher order and abstract thinking (e.g. handling ambiguity and paradox)
  • Problem solving and enquiry
  • Development of advanced language skills, to include accuracy, precision and fluency
  • Independent work and self-study
  • Development of metacognition
  • Transfer of knowledge across disciplines

Extended Learning and Personal Development
With an enormous range of extended learning activities already available, there are plenty of opportunities to develop high attainers’ skills, using cross-curricular disciplines. It may be that photography requires an in depth understanding of Arts, Maths and Physics. It may be that taking part in the Shakespeare Schools Festival requires a high level of understanding of Literature and the physicality of Drama

Careers Education
We work with external organisations to ensure that students have a clear focus on their destination after Aureus. Professionals from local and national organisations are invited to speak to students on a Friday afternoon to explore their career pathways and explain their roles, particularly in the ‘STEAM’ subject portfolio. Each year we will create opportunities for students to visit or access Higher Education Institutions.

Provision of leadership opportunities
Students are encouraged and supported to participate a number of leadership roles. The Student Council is a position to aspire to and students have to rise to the challenge of representing the student body. Leadership roles may be offered in a range of disciplines - Sport, Design, STEAM and Languages will require different sets of skills.

Most Able Programme
The progress and development of the Most Able students is an ongoing research field at Aureus.  A carefully designed programme of assessment, intervention and evaluation enables staff to ensure that progress is on track for the Most Able. These interventions can take the form of one-to-one progress checks, the completion of a Scholars Passport and regular extra-curricular opportunities for debate and discussion.

With the change in national context of how ability is identified, please see below an outline of agreed terminology with definitions from Ofsted.

More Able:  high attaining pupils in pupils in primary schools

Most Able/High Prior Attainment (HPA): high attaining students in secondary school - students whose progress significantly exceeds age related expectations

Exceptionally Able:  students who are performing above the Most Able.  Exceptionally able pupils are those who have the capacity to achieve or perform at the very highest academic levels.

Dual Exceptionality:  this is a term for high performing students who also have a complex additional need, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder.


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