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Here is the symbol for Kind in honour of Can you draw it? Show us using the hashtag to join in


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With , I'm a new era for young people's mental health, where support is available to every child who reaches out. Join our fight, and sign the petition now.


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Such an amazing way to wind down on a Friday afternoon. A glass fusion workshop just for staff. Can’t wait for this beauty to cook


We wore spots today for Thank you to all our students and staff that donated


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Wow. Sitting planning our Celebration of Education on 22nd July at with no less than 31 Associates appearing. For £99! With a free 99 ice cream. Yes, really!


Thank you for the stunning display in the library. 📚 👏 👏


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It's World Kindness Day! Kindness ASSEMBLY, adaptable for all ages, packed with links to films, music, quotes, questions and a whole wealth of resources. Also Kindness Newsletter to go home.


did a double take when she heard the school choir, Aureus Voices, rehearsing for their assembly debut. What talent we have?! 🎶 👏


Well done to the Aureus Ambassadors who carried and laid the poppy wreath for


Our value in December is Kindness. Let’s start practising how to be kind today on


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Do you know your Sarahah from your Snapchat? Know your kid’s social media.


Team Aureus are rows 1/2/3 on bottom left corner - made us so proud!! 🎶🙌🏼


it’s you! 🙌🏼


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Love this ❤️ Also you can actually see me in this one! At the back, signing up to the East Choir. Bartholomew School, Windmill, Kingfisher, and loads more!


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We are very proud of our talented students and staff Performing at is a significant memory for us all:

Equipment & Stationery

We endeavour to achieve a high standard in all of our activities at our school and we expect this to be reflected both how well prepared for learning our students are.

All students must bring the following essential items to school with them every day in order to fully access their lessons.

Security and access:

  • Photo ID Card on a Lanyard (this will be provided in their orientation)


  • Black Aureus rucksack with their books
  • Their PE kits on days when they have PE lessons/clubs/ fixtures
  • A clear water bottle to fill up from our water coolers


  • All students are expected to have a reading book on them at all times 


  • Mobile phones – need to be off and out of sight in bags between 8.30am-4.30pm


  • A pocket-sized planner (this will be provided in their orientation)
  • A clear pencil case 
  • 4 colour pens – black, blue, red, green 
  • 4 colour highlighters
  • A pencil
  • A ruler
  • A rubber
  • A sharpener 

Technical equipment: