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The poem is beautiful do read , it says it all …


Some of our butterflies have emerged over the last few days! The red substance is not blood, but a waste product called meconium (similar to that produced by human babies after birth).


Day 3 of the GCSE exams…well done for what you have already achieved Yr 11s and ‘Good luck’ for today!!


The day has finally come to say farewell to our amazing year 11 students. It has been a pleasure to watch you grow into the wonderful young adults that you are today. You will be greatly missed! GOOD LUCK WITH ALL OF YOUR EXAMS!!


GCSE and A-level exams 2022: What you need to know...


Aureus Year 9 Rounders team enjoyed an away fixture at Gillotts. They played several teams, losing three and winning two against Wallingford and Ickneild. We had some great hits against Ickneild from Charlotte, Zarah, Isabella, Morgan and Nandini.


Now that the caterpillars have stored enough energy, they have climbed to the top of the cup and attached themselves to the underside of the lid. There they will hang in a "j" shape, moult one last time and harden into chrysalises.


Our year 10 students were fortunate to have a guest speaker in school today; Lorraine Ousley gave them an introduction to apprenticeships. Apprenticeships are becoming increasingly popular and are a great way to gain hands-on experience while studying.


The tents are up and there are plenty of smiling faces, all ready for the evening ahead! The Yr 9 DofE practice run is well underway!


Students travelled to Trinity College, Oxford University to experience a lecture in a brand-new auditorium this was followed by question and answers from current university students.


This week, our Key stage 3 students enjoyed a day in Oxford seeing iconic sights and taking in the culture They experienced a private viewing of the Tutankhamen Exhibition and were then treated to a roof top tour, taking in the Oxford spires.


This morning we waved goodbye & good luck to 54 of our Yr 9 DofE students. They will be camping out overnight; hopefully the temperature won't drop too much for them!


We are currently studying caterpillars in Science and observing how they transform into butterflies. Over the next few weeks they will be growing up to 10 times their original size and then forming chrysalis. We will update you on their progress.


Our talented Yr 10 GCSE artists are currently doing studies of tea cups and tea pots as part of their Alice in Wonderland project. They have been using different media to create stunning observational drawings in their sketch books.


Mrs Bakers' Yr 9 science class have been busy dissecting and identifying the different parts of a sheep's heart.


Adrian Griffiths CEO of Recycling Technology, joined us this morning, courtesy of the 'Speakers for Schools' programme and talked about his engineering career and how this is being used in the recycling business. He also touched on how important being an empathetic employer is.


Last Saturday, April 2nd, eight of our courageous and talented Aureus students performed at the Mayor's Ball at the Civic Hall. The students, not only have amazing talent, but they showed great maturity & respect at such an important event. They are true Aureus ambassadors!


A special prize was given to Gabby in Yr11 . Gabby has had 100% attendance to all of our Tuesday/Wednesday Period 6 sessions, he was awarded a brand new laptop and headset kindly donated by ASDA. This is the third laptop we have gifted to our Year 11 students this academic year!


Congratulations to all our worthy winners at this week's Celebration Assemblies! There were lots of amazing certificates and awards given out, including gift vouchers for those students that had the highest positive points, 100% attendance and were overall exemplary students.


Congratulations to our two star bakers: Isabella (Yr9) and Ellie (Yr7), who entered the Spring baking competition to design and decorate a spring themed cupcake. They did a fantastic job!

Posted on: 19/04/2021

Introducing our new Junior Leadership Team!

We were delighted to announce the names of our new Aureus Junior Leadership and Subject Prefects this week.

Students in Year 10 were invited to apply for the roles by creating a video detailing their skills, achievements and why they would be a good role model for our school community.

The role of a Junior Leadership Team Prefect is a highly respected and very important one. Not only do younger students in the school look to the Prefects as role models but they are also students who are there to help and support them in many different aspects of their school life. Parents and visitors to the school also see them as high respected members of the school community.

All our Junior Leadership Prefects will have general responsibilities as part of the Aureus School team, this would include being part of a daily duty team across the school or support specific areas such as the Music and PE department. Throughout the year there will also be other roles the Prefects will be expected to fulfil such as Parents Evenings, Open Days and other events. They are skilled in public speaking and communicating with the local residents.

The Junior Leadership team prefects will attend meetings with the Headteacher, Assistant Headteacher of Personal Development and Heads of Faculty when required. They will also regularly liaise with the department/faculty they have responsibility for.

We had so many fantastic entries and after careful consideration, the Leadership Team finalised our new Junior Leadership Team.

 A very big congratulations to the following students:

Malik B Head Prefect
Ella M Head Prefect
Jojo C Deputy Head Prefect
Hannah D Deputy Head Prefect
James J Sports Captain
Maddie N Malala Faculty
Kyla A Malala Faculty
Robyn E Banksy Faculty
Lorcan B Banksy Faculty
Gabby J-G Hawking Faculty
Ranveer R Hawking Faculty
Amber F and Sam W Inclusion


Kyra G Arts (Art)
Holly M Arts (Dance)
Louis B Arts (Drama)
Natalie O Arts (Music)
Nadhir M and Osaid S Maths and Computing
Isabella W Science
Alex G Science
Simeon L English and Languages
William H Humanities (History)
Lily-Rose R Humanities (Geography)
Ed S Humanities (Ethics)
Chloe S Humanities (Ethics)
Amelie P-W Humanities (Business)

Miss C Saul, Assistant Headteacher said, “I am very excited about having our new prefect team working with the staff at Aureus. We have already had a meeting to look at developing sub committee’s to help plan the end of year celebrations for year 11, to look at the consultation process for changes to school policies, to be trained as anti-bullying ambassadors through the Diana Award and to work with our teaching and learning team. It was an incredibly strong field and I felt very privileged to be part of the process.”