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Our GCSE art students are having a wonderful time at The Tate Modern and taking in the sights of London!


Yr10&11 Revision Evening; 17/4/23- 5.30pm in Aureus Main Hall. All parents/carers & students in Yr10&11 are invited to come along to learn about effective, productive, and efficient ways to revise for their upcoming end of year exams.


Our talented GCSE art students are off to the Tate Modern today!


Tawana in Yr9 and magistrate Carole Payne at the mock trial competition at Oxford Magistrates’ court. For the full Oxford Mail Article, follow the link:


Fantastic day of all things dance at Move It! at the Excel, London!


Today as part of our More Able programme students received a talk from Oxford University outreach programme. They looked at University life and what the processes are for getting into Russel Group Universities.


Thank you so much we’ve had an awesome day!


Amazing trip to today for our Yrs 7-10. Focusing on the performing arts side, we were lucky enough to have a tour of their incredible recording studios and editing suites.


Today all of Year 11 received a Revision Skills booster session from external speakers. They reflected on their recent mocks and set themselves targets for their upcoming final examinations.


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Fantastic launch event today we thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many like-minded ITT experts, with a shared vision to train exceptional teachers to provide the best possible life chances for the children in our schools


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Today is Launch Day. Looking forward to welcoming all of our partners to


Well done to our Yr10 Netball team for playing exceptionally well and winning their matches against both DGS & Wallingford yesterday!


Our Yr11s have been producing some stunning work during their GCSE Art mock exam today.


We look forward to welcoming you to Aureus School in September!


Well done to our Yr 9 football team, who have started this year's football season off with a 2-0 victory over Cranford House!


Take your seats and join us to watch some fantastic performances from our entire Creative and Expressive Arts Department. Hope you are ready to watch an exciting production from Aureus School students! Book your tickets now:


Here are just a couple of the Yr5 masterclasses that we have going on next month. If you have a child who is currently in Yr 5, why not give them the opportunity to Explore Aureus in the best way possible! Book their place now. Scan the QR codes for details.

Posted on: 19/04/2021

Introducing our new Junior Leadership Team!

We were delighted to announce the names of our new Aureus Junior Leadership and Subject Prefects this week.

Students in Year 10 were invited to apply for the roles by creating a video detailing their skills, achievements and why they would be a good role model for our school community.

The role of a Junior Leadership Team Prefect is a highly respected and very important one. Not only do younger students in the school look to the Prefects as role models but they are also students who are there to help and support them in many different aspects of their school life. Parents and visitors to the school also see them as high respected members of the school community.

All our Junior Leadership Prefects will have general responsibilities as part of the Aureus School team, this would include being part of a daily duty team across the school or support specific areas such as the Music and PE department. Throughout the year there will also be other roles the Prefects will be expected to fulfil such as Parents Evenings, Open Days and other events. They are skilled in public speaking and communicating with the local residents.

The Junior Leadership team prefects will attend meetings with the Headteacher, Assistant Headteacher of Personal Development and Heads of Faculty when required. They will also regularly liaise with the department/faculty they have responsibility for.

We had so many fantastic entries and after careful consideration, the Leadership Team finalised our new Junior Leadership Team.

 A very big congratulations to the following students:

Malik B Head Prefect
Ella M Head Prefect
Jojo C Deputy Head Prefect
Hannah D Deputy Head Prefect
James J Sports Captain
Maddie N Malala Faculty
Kyla A Malala Faculty
Robyn E Banksy Faculty
Lorcan B Banksy Faculty
Gabby J-G Hawking Faculty
Ranveer R Hawking Faculty
Amber F and Sam W Inclusion


Kyra G Arts (Art)
Holly M Arts (Dance)
Louis B Arts (Drama)
Natalie O Arts (Music)
Nadhir M and Osaid S Maths and Computing
Isabella W Science
Alex G Science
Simeon L English and Languages
William H Humanities (History)
Lily-Rose R Humanities (Geography)
Ed S Humanities (Ethics)
Chloe S Humanities (Ethics)
Amelie P-W Humanities (Business)

Miss C Saul, Assistant Headteacher said, “I am very excited about having our new prefect team working with the staff at Aureus. We have already had a meeting to look at developing sub committee’s to help plan the end of year celebrations for year 11, to look at the consultation process for changes to school policies, to be trained as anti-bullying ambassadors through the Diana Award and to work with our teaching and learning team. It was an incredibly strong field and I felt very privileged to be part of the process.”