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What is a chemical reaction? Our Year 8's have been experimenting in Chemistry this week


enjoyed the and in London on Friday. They learnt about gender equality, queer history, intersex rights, wrote poetry and learnt how to make a positive change via social media


It's 🎉 Congratulations to our winners this week for embodying our 'Confidence'


Wow! Our STEAMettes club have been exploring painting using forces and marbling techniques to create some amazing planets for our Physics lab 🌎


What a great way to start this beautiful day . 7I enjoying a game of kick rounders in PE this morning


At our Year 6 days, we have been team building in PE, crime solving in English and taking part in some French games 🙌


It has been wonderful meeting our rising Year 7's on their transition days this week


A reminder that school will be closed tomorrow for students. We look forward to seeing you on Monday!


We are seeking an experienced and enthusiastic Science Technician to join the team in September! Come and join our wonderful school:


Some inspirational rewrites of "Upon Westminster Bridge" by 8R this morning, exploring how poetic language is used to raise awareness of current issues


Retweeted From Pride Youth Network

Great to see are going full steam ahead with their especially creating around school🌈This is a great start in creating 🤝 Keep up the good work! If you want this in your school sign up here👉


A great session with our Pride Youth Network and Gina, our Student Health Nurse, discussing and questioning 'What does gender and sexuality mean to you?"


Year 8 students have been developing a timeline of the Holocaust today in Humanties. Year 7's, currently studying "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas" in English Literature, joined them to admire their work


These amazing students were all awarded certificates for showing Integrity this week! Congratulations 🎉


Pupils from joined Voices of Aureus for a fabulous GLF Music Festival yesterday where they performed to parents and carers'. Well done to all involved, they were amazing!


Some amazing musical instruments created in our REcycled Music workshop


Our Year 8 students have been looking at environmental risks we face on our planet today and researching apps that could help make us greener


REinvent Food...our students have been making bread and butter pudding in this workshop today, inspiring them to reduce food waste


We have been lucky to have Nick Garnett in with Year 7's today building a kinetic coral reef through play


Our 3rd day of the year, we have been looking at 'REinvent, REuse, REcycle'. Year 7's have been getting creative with REcycled wind chimes, Reco cultivation and REused sculpture

Posted on: 13/06/2019

Year 7 PGL Trip

On Friday 7th June, 110 students and 13 teachers made their way to Osmington Bay PGL for our annual Year 7 trip. We had a weekend of fun but challenging activities ahead of us. Dragon Boating at Weymouth and Portland Sailing Academy was fun and involved the pupils having to remember all the commands and what they meant ranging from 'Naughty water' to 'Easy, easy, easy'. 
Other activities included a Giant Swing, Orienteering, Problem Solving, Survival Skills, Quad Biking, Climbing, Tunnel Trail and Jacob's Ladder. 

Quad Biking Jacob's Ladder

It was fantastic to see so many students overcome personal challenges and develop in confidence. They all became 10% braver and embodied the Aureus values of Courage, Resilience, Kindness, Empathy, Respect and Responsibility. They were encouraging each other and congratulating each other during each task. 

Giant Swing Dragon Boating

A truly lovely but exhausting weekend! Some of our students have shared their experiences below:
"Our PGL trip was amazing and I loved all of the activities. I got really wet on the Dragon Boating but my favourite activity was the tunnel trail as I was able to fit in all the holes even the tiny ones!" Bella, Year 7
"The PGL trip was SO FUN!! My favourite activity was the climbing wall because I overcame my fear of heights. I also overcame my fear of the sea due to Dragon Boating." Emily, Year 7
"Our PGL trip was sooo fun, we played and had fun with our activities. I loved the tunnelling the most. We had so much fun and it was an amazing educational experience." Kaleb, Year 7

Click here to view our full gallery of photos from the weekend.