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Seeing the children form friendships and grow in confidence every day. Also- ‘Miss Newman, I love it here’



Please can every setting and home have a room?


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Interested in medicine, extreme environments, climbing, adventure or a good night out? Get tickets for 'Everest Lab' Mon 10 Dec


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Calling all Year 6 parents - date for your diaries - our Open Evening for 2019 Year places is on Thursday 4th October. Last year we welcomed 800+ visitors.


Our morning Mindful Movement sessions focus us for our learning & help us manage our emotions.


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The Inner Curriculum rooms .A practical way of helping students to find inner peace and mental wellbeing.#WorldPeaceday


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Grove Challengers U12s football team have spaces for more players - contact me if interested or want to know more details.


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Dear could we tempt you into running a workshop at for local SENCos about The Legal Framework behind SEND needs. We would be so grateful. CC


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If you're interested in values based education, this is a must read by . If not, read anyway, it may just change your way of thinking. Lots of & . must rock!


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What a great competition! 🎨🖼️🌺🧪#Science


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ACT NOW Mental Health & Behaviour Support focuses on RELATIONSHIPS + provides play based strategies ALL School staff can use to support children's & . Please RT INFO & BOOK HERE:


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's focus this week is talking SENSE (Standard English, No Slang, Every time) inspired by the ResearchMeet last week. Thank you for the invitation to see your great work.


Thanks for the shout out! And for joining us 🙌🏼




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Great win for under 13 and the boy scored ...well done Luke 4-3


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Full house this morning for


Calling all Year 6 parents - date for your diaries - our Open Evening for 2019 Year places is on Thursday 4th October. Last year we welcomed 800+ visitors.


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our brilliant DHTs Bennie and Julie and our brilliant DHTs Kate and Nicola - very grateful & lucky to have such a strong team to work with.



Aureus is a STEM school but we were keen to create a STEAM community so that the whole school develop STEM skills alongside developing an appreciation of the Arts.

We believe that the Arts are an integral part to the holistic development of the whole child. As part of our Community Arts provision, we pledge;

  • An Artist in Residence
  • An Art Gallery
  • An Art Therapy Room
  • Creativity Days

With only 360 students in Year's 7 and 8, we are space rich. We lease and let some of our spaces out as part of our community offer but we also plan to host community activities including an Art Exhibition Space to showcase local artists.

If you are interested please see full details in the documents below.


We believe in Nurturing Hearts and Minds through the holistic development of the whole child. Academic rigour is important and we will have high expectations of our teachers and of our learners, however, it is equally important for our young people to be emotionally literate, well-rounded individuals who are highly-employable global citizens.

Aureus is not an exam factory, Aureus is a space where our whole community will be supported to Grow, Learn and Flourish. Our learning experience will be memorable and enjoyable, in and out of the classroom.

Our young people will become emotionally and mentally prepared for life with a toolkit of self-care strategies to maintain positive wellbeing and mental health into adulthood.

We pledge to creating a space to holistically educate the whole child through;

  • Mindfulness
  • Yoga
  • Art Therapy
  • Martial Arts
  • Coaching
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing programme
  • Family Dining Experience

The holistic education opportunities have been carefully created as preventative strategies to support your child as they grow, learn and flourish into young adulthood;

  • Our community time in the morning will prepare our students for learning - the carousel of activities will wake them up and warm them up
  • Our community lunch time ensures that everyone eats a healthy, nutritious meal
  • Our community time in the afternoon will support our students in processing their day - coaching time will support them in celebrating the highs and managing the lows
  • Our personal development time from 3.40-4.30pm will inspire and empower them to thrive.


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