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Another fab day today. Thanks for leading a team of volunteers. Brilliant input from artists, scientists & parent helpers to Nurture Hearts & Minds. So impressed with their Art work.


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Our parents are excited to be coming to our tomorrow to listen to our speakers


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Pupils found a huge diversity of insects for with and myself at today. Also some great ideas insect-inspired technological innovations for projects!


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No problem 🙂 Was a pleasure working with Aureus pupils today.


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I’m really looking forward to running workshops on Being You at tomorrow


Come and join us for more coaching fro Senior Leaders with next term:


.Free coaching training for - women leading in education in or around Oxfordshire 5/7 - can you join us?


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Getting gung ho with your teaching career [interview], with of and


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Get voting for your store’s local charity of the year, in store and online.


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Don't forget - you can help us support children and young people 👧🏼👦🏿👧🏽👦🏾 by voting 🎨for Wantage Road Local Charity of the Year before Sunday!


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students coding using sense HAT coding software.


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Now it’s the turn of Finley from to try on a at our .


We endeavour to achieve a high standard in all of our activities at our school and we expect this to be reflected both in the appearance and behaviour of our students.

All students must have full school uniform, worn correctly, for daily attendance at school. Uniform will also be worn on occasions when children are representing the school, including school visits.

Parents and carers are asked to co-operate fully by providing the uniform and ensuring children wear it correctly to and from school, and at other times as required.

The school offers the full range of uniform, PE Kit and accessories for pupils which can be purchased directly online from our uniform supplier, Kitbox.

Click here to visit our uniform shop

Items marked with an asterisk - may only be purchased from our official uniform supplier Kitbox. Other items - may be purchased from Kitbox or other stores.



  • Grey Aureus school blazer *
  • Grey V-necked Aureus jumper with gold trim *
  • Aureus black/ yellow school tie *
  • Plain white shirt with a top button (short or long sleeves)
  • Plain black smart trousers (black canvas, skinny trousers, leggings or jeans may not be worn) or a black knee length skirt pleated skirt
  • Plain black or grey socks / black or grey opaque tights
  • Plain black, leather shoes with black shoe soles and no decorative stitching or carrying an explicit sports logo. Black boots, trainers, plimsolls, canvas or suede shoes may not be worn. (Acceptable shoes are defined by the school).
  • Aureus school rucksack and/ or sports bag – black with embroidered logo (only one bag is required – students can select which style they prefer). *
  • Headwear and religious clothing may be worn (for religious purposes only) and should be either plain black or grey (baseball caps and bandanas may not be worn).
  • A dark waterproof coat in black or grey (denim jackets and coats that the school deems as ‘Hoodies’ are not permitted).


  • Hair should be neat, tidy and appropriate for a professional working environment (as defined by the school).
  • Extreme styles and hair colouring will not be permitted (as defined by the school).
  • Shaved lines in hair or eyebrows are not permitted.


  • Students may not wear earrings, facial studs, ear expanders nor any other body piercings. 
  • Rings, necklaces and bracelets may not be worn.


  • Students may not wear any make-up.
  • Students may not wear false nails, fake eyelashes or tinted contact lenses.
  • Eyebrows should be natural.


PE Kit:

  • Aureus PE sports top *
  • Aureus PE shorts *
  • Aureus PE socks *
  • Aureus long sleeve reversible games top
  • Aureus tracksuit (optional)
  • Non-marking white trainers for indoor and outdoor use
  • Towel / Shower gel
  • Aureus sports bag *




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