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URGENT South Oxfordshire Sustainability CAMPAIGN object to housing numbers in South Oxon local plan by 18 Feb 2019 guidance at remember to sue the word "object" formal repsponse


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There are only 2 weeks to go until 2019 (4-10 February)! If you work with children and want to get involved, our group activities are full of ideas to save you valuable planning time. Download them here:


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BBC News - Government to fund 2,900 school exchanges for poorer pupils


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Love these calendars from . They are always so values-based. January's is all about . Download, print, use as guidance. Thanks Action For Happiness!


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Do you ever wonder how some teachers seem to have a never ending supply of and working with supportive colleagues makes a school a


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shout out from


Join us this Saturday for our recruitment event from 10-12pm. Sign up here:


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Great to see our pedagogical approach being shared 🙌🏼


the two people we mentioned too as bringing mental wealth to our school! 🙌🏼


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Calling dads and dads to be. Your guide to Paternity rights, pay and leave from Working Families:


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Bookings now open for our very, very big Big Day Out at in July Lods of Associates. Loads of nice people. Loads of ideas. Free ice cream. £99 (+VAT). Not a misprint. See you there.


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A school in the very North have been let down by a facilitator for an introduction to Mental Health First Aid training on Tuesday evening. Do we have any twitter friends who offer such training please?


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Congratulations. Such a valuable contribution to the present and future life stories of young people.


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Great to see 1 of only 6 in UK to achieve Gold Status Excellence Mental Health ...will inform our research into pupil conference


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Fantastic news for Aureus school, lets try and get more Oxfordshire schools involved and working in this way!


Happy to our winners who showed the value of Courage this week! 🙌🏼


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We have been inundated in requests for visits so we are hosting a day for visitors in February:


Teaching School Activity at Aureus

At Aureus we are passionate about professional learning and a commitment to lifelong learning is one of our core missions. Through our Teaching School Alliance we are keen to showcase our innovative provision, host value for money training from internal and external facilitators, develop exisiting and aspiring leaders, and organise grassroots events such as TeachMeets and LeadMeets.

Aspiring Teachers:

If you are considering teaching and would like to come and shadow a teacher for a day or a week please contact us and we will try to accommodate you.

Beginner Teachers:

If you are on a training programme and need a placement please get in touch.

Newly Qualified Teachers:

We have a consistent training offer for those new to the profession.

Recently Qualified Teachers:

We offer a development training programme to those consolidating their training year.

Lead Practitioners:

We are committed to developing our classroom practitioners to become Quality First Teachers.

Specialist Leaders in Education:

Our Headteacher is a SLE and a Train the Trainer for SLE accreditation.

Diversity and Equality Grants:

Our Headteacher is the Co-Founder of #WomenEd and the Strategic Lead for Oxfordshire Women Leading in Education, we will be hosting lots of free training opportunities to connect, inspire and empower women in education.

Our Assistant Headteacher is the Co-Founder of #BAMEed, we will host and share lots of free training opportunities to connect, inspire and empower BAME educators.

GLOW Maths Hub:

We have a strategic partnership with GLOW who have a designate training room at our school.

Oxfordshire Teaching School Alliance:

We are strategic partners with OTSA.