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URGENT South Oxfordshire Sustainability CAMPAIGN object to housing numbers in South Oxon local plan by 18 Feb 2019 guidance at remember to sue the word "object" formal repsponse


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There are only 2 weeks to go until 2019 (4-10 February)! If you work with children and want to get involved, our group activities are full of ideas to save you valuable planning time. Download them here:


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BBC News - Government to fund 2,900 school exchanges for poorer pupils


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Love these calendars from . They are always so values-based. January's is all about . Download, print, use as guidance. Thanks Action For Happiness!


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Do you ever wonder how some teachers seem to have a never ending supply of and working with supportive colleagues makes a school a


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shout out from


Join us this Saturday for our recruitment event from 10-12pm. Sign up here:


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Great to see our pedagogical approach being shared 🙌🏼


the two people we mentioned too as bringing mental wealth to our school! 🙌🏼


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Calling dads and dads to be. Your guide to Paternity rights, pay and leave from Working Families:


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Bookings now open for our very, very big Big Day Out at in July Lods of Associates. Loads of nice people. Loads of ideas. Free ice cream. £99 (+VAT). Not a misprint. See you there.


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A school in the very North have been let down by a facilitator for an introduction to Mental Health First Aid training on Tuesday evening. Do we have any twitter friends who offer such training please?


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Congratulations. Such a valuable contribution to the present and future life stories of young people.


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Great to see 1 of only 6 in UK to achieve Gold Status Excellence Mental Health ...will inform our research into pupil conference


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Fantastic news for Aureus school, lets try and get more Oxfordshire schools involved and working in this way!


Happy to our winners who showed the value of Courage this week! 🙌🏼


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We have been inundated in requests for visits so we are hosting a day for visitors in February:

Didcot Art Room

The Didcot Art Room - Learning and achieving through artThe Art Room

Working in primary and secondary schools, The Art Room helps children and young people re-engage with learning and thrive in life.

With nine joyful, inspiring studios in Oxford, London and Edinburgh, our highly trained practitioners use art as a vehicle for therapeutic work.

While children transform everyday objects - like a chair or lampshade - into a unique piece of art - the subtle therapeutic intervention gives each child an opportunity to explore their identity, feelings and creativity express their emotions, develop their social skills and grow in confidence.

Turning a mundane item into a breathtaking piece of art is also a perfect metaphor for the transformation children experience during their time with The Art Room.

Art room 2 Art room 3

A world where art is used as a therapeutic tool in mainstream education to help thousands of children learn, achieve and thrive.

Our Mission

Working in mainstream education, we help children and young people explore their identity, grow in confidence and develop the social skills they need to engage in learning and thrive in life.

Our History

The charity was established 15 years ago by inspiring pioneer, Dr Juli Beattie OBE. Working with children over many years, she observed how art could transform children's confidence and self-belief.

Our work has real impact, When children join The Art Room, the emotional and behavioural difficulties they are dealing with make it hard for them to cope at school. Most return to the classroom feeling more self-assured, more socially skilled and far better equipped to learn.

Click here to find out more