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Some positions here in school in Oxfordshire. Having visited it's well worth a look!


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Lead Practitioner - Science Didcot, Oxfordshire By: 18th Feb For: Sept 18 Lead Practitioner required - a brand new, state of the art STEAM specialist comprehensive 11-16 school that opened in Didcot, in September 2017


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Looking to Return to Teaching in Oxfordshire? Come along to our coffee morning for support and advice about how to get back into the classroom. Book on here ,


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These are our current vacancies - close 18/2. We would love to hear from you:


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We are looking for dynamic Nursery, Early Years, Reception & KS1 teachers to join our team as we open our school in Sept 2018. An excellent opportunity to start your career with & work with the the team


Hear from our Headteacher & Drama 🎭 teacher Hannah


Hear from our Deputy Headteacher & English 📚 teacher Bennie


Hear from our Deputy Headteacher & Humanities teacher 🌎 Julie


Hear from our Inclusion Leader & English teacher 📚 Amjad


Hear from our Science Leader 🔬 Chris


Hear from our Computing teacher 💻 Paul


Hear from our PE teacher 🏃 Charlotte


Hear from our Art teacher 🎨 Laura


Hear from our Spanish teacher 🇪🇸 Lannah


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Hear from our PE teacher Chris 🏉


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We need dynamic English, Maths, Science, DT & Music practitioners. Committed to our mantra 🌱 📚 ☀️


.Still time to apply to join our values-based team in our school as we move into our 2nd year:


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one girls footy fixture tomorrow for U13 girls are home vs the fab

Lead Practitioners

Why do we develop Lead Practitioners?

Our Lead Practitioner programme essentially replaces the AST process,looking to develop and accredit enthusiastic, innovative teachers with a passion for teaching, learning, and student progress.

Advanced Skills Teachers and Excellent Teachers have been leaders of innovative learning and teaching practice in schools across the country. A large part of their work has been to collectively ensure that excellent practice has been shared and moreover that the quality of learning and teaching has continued to be developed and has been at the heart of faculties, phases, departments and schools. Since 2013 the AST and ET programme has ceased, leaving a void within the learning and teaching strategies of many schools; ASTs and ETs often ensured that professional development was never static and was a vibrant, innovative part of a school’s culture and ethos.  

How does the accreditation process work?

The applicant will apply to a post of Lead Practitioner Designate (LPD). They then have one academic year to complete a folder of evidence and become fully accredited as a Lead Practitioner (LP). 

The assessment process will include:

·      A classroom enquiry project to demonstrate the impact and dissemination of action research.

·       A file of evidence that clearly demonstrates that all of the LP assessment standards have been met.

·       An assessment ‘half-day’during which the assessor will assess the folder, interview the applicant,observe the teacher and interview a small student panel (selected by the teacher).

How do LPs raise standards and impact pupil outcomes?

The sole purpose of the LP programme is to develop the quality of teaching that students receive. As the LP has an integral role in coaching and developing/sharing excellent practice, the outcome is that the children/students receive excellent lessons on a daily basis in all subjects. The LP will ensure that through the constant, high profile development of teaching,learning and innovative practice, the children/students will not only achieve academically but will also grow, learn and flourish as lifelong learners. 

What does the Lead Practitioner programme involve?

The programme develops learning and teaching within, and beyond, the school. Once our accreditation process has been completed, Lead Practitioners lead and work on aspects of teaching and learning within a designated subject area of the school, with the sole aim of developing student progress – both through their own practice, and developing the practice of others.

The role of Lead Practitioner is an excellent opportunity for career development. It provides the opportunity to lead aspects of learning, teaching and staff development at both a faculty/phase and whole-school level. The LP is both a conduit and a vehicle for sharing and developing effective practice among staff – they ensure that learning and teaching is high profile in every subject and never static. The eventual outcome of this is that students in all subjects receive dynamic and innovative lessons.

What are the 10 LP Standards that need to be met to be accredited?

Personal Skills:

1. Effective communication and presenting

2. Leading and influencing

3. Challenging, developing and innovating

4. Always a learner

Professional Knowledge:

1. Undertaking research to improve learning and teaching

2. Knowing how all learners (teachers and students) learn and make progress

3. Transfer specialist expertise, knowledge and pedagogy

Process and impact on others

1. Coaching / mentoring to lead

2. Networking to lead

3. Leading others

Who can apply to be a Lead Practitioner?

Any qualified teacher, from either the primary or secondary phase, who has a passion for teaching and learning can apply to become a Lead Practitioner. There is no required duration of teaching experience necessary in order to apply; however, as one of the assessment standards is to provide excellent results this would imply that the applicant should be at least an NQT+1.

For more information about applying to become an internal LP at Aureus or to be accredited as an external LP through our programme please contact: